The Gathering
St. Andrews, Scotland
July 29 - August 4, 2002

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Leith Cup Results
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USGA Golf Journal article about the Gathering.

Who Attended?

    Nick Hocking
    Dieter Rohrlack
    H. P. Griesser
    Bjorn Sverrisson
    Salvor Sverrisson
    B. K. Ting
    Aleid Kemper
    Yulia Meszaros
    Maarten van de Stadt
    Tony McCrae
    Rudolph Anton Achermann
    Hans Kuenzi
    Peter Luthi
    Margaret Barkwith
    Carol Hutchinson
    Johnty Hutchinson
    Andy Jamieson
    Kev Nurse
    Tony Searles
    Sam Smale
    Malcolm Wadsworth
    Phillis Wadsworth
    Andrew Wilding
    Terry Wilding
    Tom Wilding
    Phil Bridges
    Wendy Dominick
    Pete Ford
    Dick Groff