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The Leith Society
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         You must demonstrate your committment to the goals and principles of the Leith Society, and MUST complete a member profile which should provide a brief picture of you and your involvement with the study of the Rules. If you have not completed a profile, your application will be rejected.  

         (Our objective with this requirement is not one of snobbish exclusion, but the assurance that our members will maintain the integrity of the society and endeavour to ensure others will do the same.)

ACCEPTANCE: I hereby apply for membership in the Leith Society, and certify that I have completed a member profile and will ensure that my profile is kept up to date. I also agree, as a condition of my Leith Society membership, that I will not copy or otherwise reproduce any copyrighted material, except as allowed by law. I agree that any improper use of the materials in the Leith Society Archives will result in revocation of my Membership Privileges.

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(Your application will be rejected without having completed a profile. See the "create profile" link at the top of any DG page. Complete it before proceeding.)

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